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Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day Story History Meaning Information

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day History Story Information Meaning: Memorial day is a holiday of U.S.A people and memorial day is a grand army day. This day is celebrated U.S people to celebrate the festival and memorial day is the last Sunday end of may. This day history is 1868 American Army Decatur Illinois an organisation of union veterans this day celebrates union to decorate flowers to army people. It has an amazing respect in all hearts of the army people. For Army people, it is the best day of enjoyment.

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial day is a solemn day for remembrance for everyone who has died for American Army Forced. This day second name U.S.A people is known as decoration day and in many years for the civil wars Memorial Day celebrations unsurprisingly took root in the South and North. The final event memorial day in America was in 1968 was congress confirm the Uniform holiday.Happy Memorial Day History

History Of Memorial Day

Are an ancient custom soldiers American Army graves are decorated U.S before and during the American Civil War. One demand was made in 1906 first civil war’s soldiers grave ever decorated was in Virginia on 3rd July 1861. U.S President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in April 1865 and there was a variety of events of commemoration. The sheer number of soldiers of both sides who died in Civil War, around 600,000. This day history meant that burial and democracy took on new culture statistics.Happy Memorial Day Meaning

What Does Memorial Day Meaning

President Ronald Reagan is credit with reviving the honoring of Memorial Day and its meaning. Memorial day is the second meaning is a decorating day of soldiers grave. Ronald Reagan one of his famous speeches was given at National Cemetery Arlington on Memorial day in 1986. Arlington this place of old memories is the best place of remembering.

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